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The International Academy Parent Teacher Organization was formed with the foundation of its’ purpose being:

To facilitate the overall enhancement program of excellence in academic standards, and high moral character, integrity, and respect.

To support, serve and enhance the Islamic educational needs of the school.

To promote the success of the children’s futures in the way of higher learning.

To promote positive school and community relations that enhance the children’s educational environment.


The membership includes the parents or guardians or enrolled students, current faculty, and staff of the International Academy of Cincinnati.


During the month of April, the Election Committee will take written nominations from the members.  The committee will contact all nominees to confirm their willingness to serve.  The committee shall insure that all nominees are voting members and eligible to serve the office.

Election Process

The election shall take place in May and shall be by written ballot.  The term of the office will be one year with the option of being re-electing for an additional year in the same office.  No one may serve on the Executive Committee more than two consecutive years.  The voting body shall consist of persons whose children are enrolled in the school, teachers and staff.  Fifty percent of all voting members shall constitute the number required for a quorum to hold an election.

If you would like to make a contribution to the PTO, please select the paypal icon listed on this page.

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