Bright Futures Fundraising Event

The International Academy of Cincinnati invites you and all families to attend the “Bright Futures” Fundraising Event on Saturday, December 2, 2023 that will also showcase all of our school’s progress and achievements and InshAllah what is on the horizon. We look forward to welcoming our families and community to unite together in support of our school!

The Program for the evening will include Qu’ran Recitation, displays of student work, performance, keynote speaker presentation from Brother William White, and more. We welcome our families and community to read through the Bright Futures Fundraising Initiatives below to learn more about how your donation supports your school! Your support is greatly appreciated and ensures the success and future of our school! Please let us know you’re coming by using this link to RSVP.



Together with our parent and community partners, INTAC envisions a bright future for all students, families, faculty, and staff. From the Strategic Plan, 3 key areas have been identified for a fundraising goal of $175,000. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, INTAC relies on the generosity of donors like you for your belief in the future of our school, for all students, today’s—and tomorrow’s. 

With communication and collaboration, INTAC is confident in the Bright Future for all. Your support is greatly appreciated and makes it possible! 


INTAC’s unprecedented growth requires bold and careful planning. These projects would ensure stability and sustainability for our school while creating an even more enriching environment for all. 

      • Technology for Classrooms and Curriculums
      • Science Lab Equipment
      • Enhancing Quran/Islamic Studies/Arabic Program
      • Outdoor facilities/Playground
      • Outdoor Classroom
      • Indoor facilities upgrades
      • Classroom expansions



The following ongoing activities to create opportunities for all students to continue learning beyond the classroom. INTAC along with support from the PTO has been providing after school activities for many years; the goal is to expand and elevate the offerings. 

      • Islamic and Philanthropic 
      • Advancement in STEAM Extracurricular Activities 
        • Science, Robotics 
      • Sustainability/Green Initiatives 
      • Athletics
      • Arts and Communication



Empowering our Middle School educators and students by providing resources and support. 

      • Faculty Professional Development 
      • Building Faculty Capacity 
      • Enhance Social Emotional Learning Program
      • Strengthen student character and identity in preparation of high school


William White is the president of the Council of Islamic Schools in North America (CISNA), a leading organization in accreditation and training for Islamic schools throughout the world.  He has a master’s degree in educational leadership and nearly a decade of Islamic school leadership experience. William is passionate about adult and youth leadership development and is a Certified Master leadership facilitator and coach and board trainer who works with nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the US and abroad.  

INTAC is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of donors like you.

As you can see from the above graph detailing Income versus Expenses for the past two school years and the current school year — in only two school years, the size of our school, income, AND expenses has doubled mashAllah. This unprecedented growth speaks to the growing demand for Islamic Education and our school has been able to make the necessary accommodations. To continue ensuring that our school offers excellence in academics, religious education, and extracurricular activities we are asking our parents to consider donating to support our school!

It is easy to make a donation:

We accept cash and check donations along with Zelle direct-transfer by using the e-mail: INTAC_ZELLE@INTLACADEMY.ORG

You can also make a donation at this PayPal link.

Please e-mail for more information on how to give or if you have any questions. We also encourage our donors to choose where their donation goes, you can do this by e-mailing us choosing Fundraising Initiative #1, #2, or #3! Your support is greatly appreciated!