highly qualified staff

Academy teachers are licensed or certified in their subject areas ensuring highly qualified staff who are committed to delivering a quality education to our students. Many hold advanced degrees in education, as well as content area specializations.

Local Community

The Academy is located on the 18-acre campus of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. Our students and teachers are able to utilize the green spaces and walkways around the campus as well as take students to attend Friday prayer in the beautiful Ahmad Samawi Mosque.


The Academy employs the use of Ohio’s Learning Standards which provide the framework for the skills and knowledge that will help students become ready for success in college and careers. The standards are child-centered and promote high-quality educational practices. You can read more about our academic programs here.

Educational Experience

The Academy is truly a special place for providing your children with the best educational experience of their school years.



Committed to diversity and multi-cultural understanding

Average Class Size

We are dedicated to providing optimal class sizes


Celebrating 20 years of educational excellence

Education spotlight on Preschool


Our Early Childhood Program provides a beautiful beginning for your child’s academic journey. The child-friendly, welcoming space encourages learning and cooperation. Our daily schedule offers uninterrupted blocks of work time so that each child can grow at their own pace. The Academy applies Montessori Principles to develop the whole child in academics, social understanding and independence.

El-Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnati

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